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Orange Group, one of the main telecommunications operators at a global level, holds a key position in the Spanish market. With a client base of over 20 Million in Spain, Orange provides ‘services everywhere, and for everyone’ through a diverse array of brands, envisioning digital life in an inclusive, human and responsible way.

At BrandFor, our goal has always been to help Orange keep generating value through its brands by establishing a unique positioning and a relevant value proposition for the audiences:

  • X by Orange: the easy cloud for businesses

A process of diagnosis, strategic definition and identity creation was carried out, activating the company’s ability to help SMEs through digital solutions.

  • Jazztel: expect more

Defining Jazztel’s positioning and values helped reinforce the brand’s space in the market, strengthen its level of relevance and clarify its role within the whole portfolio of Group Orange brands.

  • Orange Bank: a bank that doesn’t come from banking

After having launched Orange Bank in France, the group identified a clear opportunity in the Spanish market. From a branding perspective, the key was to understand the specific nature and level of maturity of the banking industry in Spain, Orange’s brand strategy in Spain, as well as the relationship and preferences of customers when it comes to banking, financial products and payment systems. Such in-depth analysis helped identify the strategic brand positioning opportunity for Orange Bank in Spain.

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