Going one step beyond, always.

Based on the strategic objective of being very close to veterinarians and transforming the future of animal health, Nuzoa was born as a leading distributor of zoosanitary products and value-added services for veterinarians and farmers. The new brand brings together the already existing distributors Elasa, Comercial Llanera, Maipe, Goiko and Norvet, and its launch pursues to go beyond what’s expected.

Nuzoa is a well-grounded and attractive brand whose name portrays the strategic vision of the new veterinary distribution group: the root ‘Nu’ conveys the concept of newness and innovation (‘new’), whereas ‘Zoa’ refers to expertise and specialization in the animal world (‘Zoo’).

From BrandFor, creating Nuzoa’s brand identity was focused on translating its strategic brand essence. The brand claim ‘Closer, goes further’, reinforces the commitment with veterinarians and farmers, moving forward together, every day. In short, Nuzoa demonstrates the company’s ability to go one step further: more products, more innovation, more services, more scope, more confidence.

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