Inspiring people through storytelling that comes from the heart

The definition of the new communication universe for Bodegas Faustino has represented a firm commitment to continue driving the business from leadership, dynamism and passion: three values that define the pillars of the brand and that have been activated strategically, verbally and visually.

A new communications universe led by BrandFor and encapsulated in the concept ‘In the Name of Wine’ (ITNOW), leveraging three fundamental aspects:

  • Pride and sense of belonging, reflecting a greater cause driven by devotion to wine, land and people.
  • Value generation, amplifying the potential of Faustino’s image in the market: a consolidated and iconic brand that is already present in 130 countries.
  • Authenticity, building its own unique and differential territory that reflects the experience of four generations and more than 150 years of passion for wine.

Bodegas Faustino represents a clear integration between wine and people, paying a tribute to the land, origin and know-how through a comprehensive campaign of great impact both nationally and internationally.

At Bodegas Faustino, it is all about wine. And wine is about people. Because yours is the moment, In the Name of Wine.

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