The way of the Unknown

What’s the scent of the Unknown? What do memories smell like? How about imagination?

The process behind the creation of Anconú, is the story of a perfume that’s born out of a very personal and truthful essence. A unique opportunity in which branding has been a fundamental part of the quest for discovery of all the elements that would end up creating the brand.

Right from the start, Anconú has been a project with a clear objective: to enrich the brand through the entire creative process of the perfume production and scent identification; acting as a guide in decision-making throughout the entire journey as well as connecting the product, purpose, brand and emotions.

The pillars of the brand strategy are a faithful reflection of the personal journey of its founder, María Gabriela Giménez, who was inspired by the magnetism generated by the unknown. A strong believe in the power of curiosity that tests our limits and invites us to explore scents and emotions yet to be discovered. An energetic brand, that’s truly committed, always on the move.

Anconú is the result of a 360º project where the product and the brand go hand in hand, inspiring each other back to back. A deep and highly detailed project where strategy and design play a key role, from the definition of the market opportunity and brand positioning, to the visual identity, creation and shoot of its own photographic style and a unique packaging design. Together with the collaboration of renowned artist Emilia Azcárate, who made exclusive paintings for Anconú.

A key part of the project consisted in creating the brand name and the product nomenclature, evoking  the whole universe around the Unknown. Anconú was the shape that holds and reflects all the strategic essence of its DNA: a brand that projects the magnetism of unknown moments, where only the imagination dares to search.

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